An Overview of The Installation of The NETGEAR Genie App!

Are you looking forward to enhancing the Wi-Fi reach at your home or workplace without any hassle? If your answer is yes, then you have clicked the right link. With the help of a prominent Wi-Fi extender or router, you can easily move in the right direction to expand your Wi-Fi connection. From daily routine tasks to professional workload, you need access to the internet at one point or the other. An effective Wi-Fi connection can help you replying to your emails on time as well as searching out your favorite recipe on YouTube too. You can do several tasks at a single time with the help of a reliable wireless connection.

Many a time, you feel like that your wi-fi connection is not performing to its capacity or it is not covering the required area. At this point, you will need the Wi-Fi repeater or wireless range extenders that can increase or amplify the signals so that they can cover more areas. A normal wireless router can transmit signals to a distance of 100 to 150 feet which will work if you want to work in a small place. For a large campus or work station, there is a need to get access to Wi-Fi range extenders.

One of the trending names in this category is the NETGEAR genie setup wizard. Being an official installation assistant for the extenders, it lets you enjoy fast internet without any disturbance, at all the areas of your workplace or home. Before proceeding ahead, there is a need to understand the exact meaning of this term and the setting up process related to the same.

NETGEAR Genie App – Meaning:

In simple and easy language, NETGEAR Genie App regulates the network setting at your home or workplace, including monitoring, managing, and altering the router. From smartphones to PCs to tablets, this app is supportive on all platforms. One of the best features related to the same is it is totally free to download; both for MAC as well as Windows users.

When it comes to the installation procedure, this category includes two terms – Installing Mobile apps and installing desktop apps. Both have different installation and setup procedures. You can follow the one that you need to. Here we are discussing both the cases in brief that make the overall installing and set up process easy and convenient for you.


By using the mobile apps for your genie setup wizard, you can enjoy some of the features. It becomes easy to manage your overall Wi-Fi settings along with the guest access for your network. You will get an overview of your network through a map. Other than that, you can set up parental controls too. There is a feature to check the internet usage through the traffic meter.

If you want to use the Genie App on your smartphone or tablet, then you need to follow some of the guidelines.

  • For Android Users:

If you are an android user and want to install and setup the NETGEAR Genie app on your mobile phone for easy accessibility of features, then you need to go to Google Play and enter NETGEAR genie on the search column. Click the download button there to proceed. Then, tap the ‘accept and download button’ to accept the terms and conditions related to the same. You can see the Genie mobile app on the home screen. Click the icon and start using the app by exploring the features.

  • For iPhone and iPad Users:

In the case of iPhone or iPad users, there is a need to open the App Store and type NETGEAR Genie in the search column. Click on the free app button. The app automatically gets downloaded after you log in. You will get access to the genie app on your home screen; all you need is to click on the genie app icon.


When it comes to installing the NETGEAR Genie app on your desktop, there comes the option of different windows. This app supports almost every window; from Window XP to Win7 to Win5 or more. With this app, you can enjoy some of the amazing features like detection and repair of common issues related to the wireless network, availability of parental Controls, broadband usage meter, guest access, and more. Furthermore, it gives you an overview of all the devices attached to your home network through a map which makes the overall managing task quite convenient.

To download the NETGEAR Genie apps on your desktop, you need to follow a specific procedure. To start with, reach out to the official webpage of NETGEAR. You can easily do that by directly searching on Google. Thereon, click the appropriate DOWNLOAD button. After the downloading and installation take place, the genie app will start automatically in your system. There is no need to make this process complicated. You can easily start using this app by clicking on the respective icon appearing on the desktop or in the Windows taskbar. If you don’t want the app to start automatically when your computer reboots, then you can clear the Enable AutoStart check box. To do so, right-click on the genie app icon and select the settings.

How to Use Genie App to Manage the Activities of The Router?

First of all, you need to establish a connection between your system and the NETGEAR router. You can do so either using an Ethernet cable or just go wireless. By double-clicking on the genie app icon, you will get access to the genie app screen.


All in all, Wi-Fi range extenders and routers can be the optimum pick if you want to enhance the range of your Wi-Fi network. Using the NETGEAR genie app for the same makes the overall process hectic-free. All you need is to download and install genie setup wizard on your phone or desktop or any other preferred device. No matter whether you are at home or not, you get access to the real-time status of your respective network. You can also manage the settings of this app by making alterations in the same.

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